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Mission Statement

Our goals and prerogatives in and out of the classroom

Limudai Kodesh

A selection of our limudai kodesh programs

Limudai Chol

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma / Lumudai Chol Program

Welcome to Yeshiva Darchei Torah!

We are a wonderful Yeshiva that provides excellence in Limudai Kodesh and Limudai Chol.


We offer a low student to Rebbi ratio, we strive to meet the needs of every Talmid who attends our school.
Over 95% of our graduates have been accepted into major Universities, and all of our alumni have deferred their acceptances to continue their learning in Yeshivas in Israel. Following Yeshiva learning, our alumni are continuing their learning in Yeshivas in North America and pursuing Medical, Law and Business degrees at University.

Educating the future leaders of the Jewish community!

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Special Edition Alumni Newsletters


We are happy to support Yeshiva Darchei Torah which provides a quality Yeshiva education in conjunction with a superior General Studies program for the boys of our community. We encourage you to do likewise to ensure that we have established Bnei Torah as the Askonim and leaders of our next generation.

Shirley & Ida Marder

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