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Admission Policy


Yeshiva Darchei Torah was founded to provide a warm, stimulating environment for the spiritual, intellectual, and social growth of students from the mainstream Orthodox community.  We are a “community school” in the sense that we accept boys from a broad range of the Orthodox community and we do not expect boys to fit into a particular mold.

Please be aware that Darchei Torah is not equipped to deal with every student or every situation.  Darchei Torah does not provide outreach to the non-religious, deal with “Teens at Risk”, or provide special education for the learning disabled.  Branching out into these areas – as important as they may be – dilutes our resources and compromises the ability of Yeshiva Darchei Torah to fulfill its mandate.

Applicants are evaluated for admission to Yeshiva Darchei Torah on the basis of a completed application form, confidential written assessments submitted by faculty members of the applicant’s previous school, a review of Grade Eight transcripts, a written entrance exam in both Limudai Kodesh and General Studies, and a personal interview.

The school day at Yeshiva Darchei Torah is long, the program is rigorous, and the demands are great.  Accordingly we will only consider applicants for admission if they demonstrate the aptitude and motivation required for success.

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