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Cell Phone & Technology Policy


Experience has shown that while virtually every Talmid comes to the Yeshiva with a strong desire to grow in Torah, Avodas Hashem, and proper Middos, some Talmidim may be naïve to the extent that the distraction of a cell phone can undermine these goals.

Accordingly, students will only be permitted to bring phones to the Yeshiva in compliance with the following guidelines:

  1. Any phone brought to Yeshiva must be registered with the Yeshiva. The process of registration will entail submitting to the Yeshiva certain information about the phone (phone number and serial number of the unit) and signed permission from the parents for the student to possess the phone. (See attached form.) Registered phones will have a tamper-proof holographic label affixed to them. (Registration will take place on the first day of school and subsequently by special arrangement.)

  2. Registered phones may be used traveling to and from Yeshiva but must be placed in the special box designated for this purpose during Yeshiva hours (7:40 am – 8:00 pm). Students who violate this rule will be subject to an automatic three day suspension. In addition, the phone will be subject to confiscation and will be returned only after two weeks.

  3. Unregistered phones may not be brought to Yeshiva under any circumstances. Students who bring such phones to Yeshiva will be subject to an automatic two week suspension. In addition, the telephone will be subject to confiscation and will not be returned.

  4. Please note: For the purpose of this policy, the term “phone” includes any device that has the potential for data connectivity (e.g. laptop computer, i-pod, etc.)

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